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Sunday at 9.30am




Spiritual Development


We believe that having a regular Bible Reading program is pivotal to grow into a strong Christian. The following devotional format aims at hearing from God and responding to what he says:


  • Scripture – write out a verse or two that speaks specifically to you today
  • Observation – make a note of what you observe in the reading
  • Application – write out how God’s Word applies to your life
  • Prayer – write out a prayer of response to what God has said to you


You can do this by yourself, with your family, with some friends or as part of your Small Group. As you make your time with God and His Word the priority of your day, you will experience a tangible ‘washing of the Word’ in your heart and life.


Imagine the difference in your life if you could feed daily on the wisdom of the ages! God’s words are alive and powerful, able to not only feed your soul, but to renew your thinking and to give you insight for every aspect of your life and ministry.


If you are having difficulty with your Bible reading, don’t hesitate to contact Ps Dave Poulton who has a wealth of knowledge in this vital area of your Christian walk.


Church News

2016 – the Year of New Beginnings…

We all experience stress in our daily lives and so often this stress is related to financial anxiety. Pastor  teaches how to focus on living simply and realizing what is really important in life. Learn how to free yourself from these burdens by focusing on family and individual growth.


Our office is open every Tuesday and Friday from 9.00am to 4.00pm,


Our weekend Sunday service time is 9:30 am.



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What's next for me?



Whether you are brand new to Meadowbrook or you’ve been here for a long time, Meadowbrook is a place where you can meet people, get connected and build authentic relationships – with God and others. Being part of a biblically functioning community is what church is all about.

It’s easier than you think! Following the weekend service there is an opportunity to meet others, build relationships and make this place feel like home. Just stop by at the cafe for a coffee or a cuppa and a chat.



Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, being in relationship with others is vital for your spiritual growth from getting together with others as you explore the Bible and develop relationships while studying together.

Meadowbrook’s small groups and get togethers provide  a place for you to grow in your journey, it’s where you’ll pray with others, care for one another and are missed if you don’t show up. For more information regarding small groups you can tel 3200 9464 to speak to one of the Pastors.



It takes a lot of volunteers for Meadowbrook to run smoothly every week and so there are many opportunities to get involved and serve each other!!

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