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SUNDAY, Morning Service

Meadowbrook Kids



Hi! Welcome to Meadowbrook Kids! MK is the children’s ministry of Meadowbrook, it’s a fun and exciting program especially created for YOU if you are in Primary School (Prep – Grade 7)!! Our goal is to show you how awesome God is and make a way for God to grab your heart and be your best friend!!


This term our program includes lots of music, dancing, games, prizes and lessons.  We meet during the Sunday morning service time and would love to see you there!!



 Babies to 2 yr olds: Our Parents Room is located through the double doors just beyond the cafe kitchen, where parents can care for their own children in an area specially created for the needs of young ones. While doing this they can listen and watch the service through a one way window.


 3 yr olds to Prep: Children will learn a Bible lesson, create fun crafts and have fun with other children their own age.


 Grades 1 to 6: Kids meet with caring adults who are excited to teach God’s Word specifically aimed to their age group.  If you would like to know more about this program please contact us by phone 07 3200 0460 or email us office@meadowbrookchurch.com.au 




Weekly and Fortnightly Events

Home Care Fellowships



Home Care Fellowship Groups (HCFG) are a vital part of the Meadowbrook Christian Church family. HCFG meet either weekly or fortnightly outside of the Sunday morning service. HCFG meet to strengthen and encourage one another through worship, prayer, study of God's Word and rich fellowship. Each HCFG is family orientated, so children are encouraged to paticipate in the life of the church at all levels. For further information on our HCFG, please contact Ps. Dave Poulton: Tel (07) 3200-9464. To contact Ps. Dave by email, please click HERE.







Weekly Meetings




Why not make plans to attend one weekend to find out for yourself what Meadowbrook is all about. You will be glad you did and we’d love to meet you.


Our Sunday service begins at 9.30am at 350 Loganlea Road Meadowbrook.


We’d love to see YOU there! Come hang out with us (Ages 13 to 17). Join up, love God, make friends, enjoy some food and have a fantastic time of fellowship (with God) as well!!


You’re welcome to contact us by phone on (07) 3200-9464 or by email at office@meadowbrookchurch.com.au


For more information on our Youth ministry please email  office@meadowbrookchurch.com.au .





Monday -Friday 9.00am -2.00pm

Thrift Shop



Meadowbrook Church has a great Thrift shop located 350 Loganlea Road, that helps the community by providing affordable clothing and bric-a-brac and more!


The Thrift Shop is open Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 2:00pm. Come in, have a browse. You never know what treasures await you.


The shop is located behind the main  church building towards the rear of the block. Just follow the signs. We would love to see you here.









For information please contact Ps. Frank Schaper on (07) 3200-9464 .




Weekly Emergency Relief




Street Feet is a ministry outreach to those in our community who are disadvantaged, homeless, refugees or asylum seekers. Every Thursday night up to 60 people are fed and invited to enjoy good fellowship. For more information please contact the church office by telephoning 3200-9464 or email the office


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