Weekly or Bi-Weekly Meetings

Small Groups



Small groups meet together once a week or fortnight in a home or at the church where a home is temporarily unavailable.


The leader has a guided topical discussion about God or an aspect of daily Christian living and the group may share refreshments together. What better way to get to know one another!  These groups provide fellowship, support and relationship building.  They are the church’s front line of pastoral support. They are not just another part of the church’s ministry, they are pivotal to church life!


If you are a regular at Meadowbrook or a visitor seeking more than just Sunday services get connected to a Home Care Fellowship Group.  To find out more contact the church office by phone 07 3200 9464 or email. (Click here to email)


What is a Small Group?

There are two predominate models of church life in the western world:

1. The Personality Based Church

In this model of church life what can be accomplished is normally determined by the skill, personality, vision, and charisma of the leader. Many of the larger churches, as well as many smaller churches, find this to be the major growth restriction.

2. The Program Based Church

In this model of church life the upper limits of what can be accomplished is determined by both the number of volunteers who can be recruited and sustained, and the scope and variety of programs that can offered.

Based on the empirical data regarding the state of the church in Australia, it is clear that not only are we a mission field, but the very way we have traditionally “done church” is failing. So there has to be another way. When man’s best efforts fail, there is always another alternative – God! So we have a third model that will always work – God’s Model!

3. God’s Model

There is a different model of church life that God is using around the world to increase his church, while at the same time see His children nurtured and cared for. It is called the Cell Based Model (Home Fellowship Groups, HCF Groups (HCF – the term I will use in this manual), Connect Groups, Cell Church, Cell Groups etc.). If the cell based model was simply a passing fad in the seemingly endless parade of church growth methodologies one would give it little more than a curious look. However, when the issue is examined more closely we find the roots of the cell based church throughout Scripture. It would seem that God is raising up cell based churches to enable us to both reach our generation with the gospel, and at the same time see that those who are reached are cared for and nurtured in their faith.


It is a fact that a person will not be nurtured at a Sunday service, and in all probability will not engage in wide fellowship over a broad spectrum of the congregation. Many times a person’s needs are not catered for at a Sunday service and the person may leave feeling that God doesn’t care. He does, it is just that the leadership doesn’t!


When praying for the needs of a person ceases, the ministration of the gifts subsides as well, and the church relies on its music to attract or the dynamics of the leader. Whilst this is all very good, it doesn’t allow for mature spiritual growth, especially where the Word of God is not taught outside of a Sunday service.





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